Welcome to Ben’s Guesthouse Kyoto

Thanks for booking your stay with us! We look forward to hosting you. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help prepare for your stay.

At the bottom of this message are some restaurants and shops that we absolutely recommend during your stay. Eating at places around the guesthouse are more reasonable and less crowded than places downtown. You will also have a much more local experience as well.


For visitors from overseas, please present passports for everyone in the group upon check-in. If you plan to arrive after 6pm, please send a copy of all passports in your group ahead of time to info@bensguesthouse.jp or our LINE chat.

NO smoking inside the building nor on the balcony. There is a smoking area available outside in front of the building. Please don’t smoke on the sidewalk. The neighborhood and building is very quiet at night. Please keep noise level to a minimum after 9PM.

Check-in starts after 3PM. We have a staffed reception that is normally open from 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm. If possible, please let us know by the day before arrival when you plan to arrive. We offer luggage storage and porter service for 300 yen per piece and we will bring it to your room for you, available 9am to 1pm. Please note we do not have an elevator so you may find this service helpful. Our reception is closed between 1pm and 3pm. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Check out time is 11AM.


By Train from Kyoto stn + Bus (recommended)

Or From Kyoto Station, take the JR San-in Line, aka Kameoka and Sonobe Line (platforms #31, #32, or #33, usually #32 at Kyoto Station), to ‘Nijo’ station (二条駅). It should be the 3rd station for regular trains or the 1st station for the express train. Limited express (not regular express) trains require an extra fee so don’t get on those trains. Exit the ticket gates and turn left towards the East roundabout/drop-off point. Walk on the left side of the roundabout towards the intersection/stoplight. When you get to the light you should see a bus stop on the left side.

From that ‘Nijo’ station bus stop, you may take any of the following northbound bus numbers:

– Route/bus #6
– Route/bus #46
– Route/bus #55
– Route/bus #206 (clockwise circular route)
– Route/bus #201 (clockwise circular route)

From Nijo station bus stop, take it to the 3rd or 4th bus stop ‘sen-bon-naka-dachi-uri’ (千本中立売) stop, Stepping off the bus, head to the left (Southbound) and cross the intersection/stoplight in front of you.
After crossing the intersection, turn right (westbound). Please proceed straight through the “Kitano shopping arcade” on the left side of the street. The distance to the property is about 320 meters/1000 feet. Cross at the next intersection/stoplight, and we are located about five buildings down on the left hand side.

By Bus only from Kyoto stn

Here is a link to the PDF version of the Kyoto City subway/bus map in case you would like to print it out prior to arrival:

Bus stop map of Kyoto station:

If you come from Kyoto Station, please take bus No. 6 or No. 206 towards “Kitaoji Bus Terminal” from the A3 bus stop of the bus terminal in front of Kyoto station main entrance.

The bus runs approximately every 15-30 minutes.

From Kyoto station, get off at the 14th bus stop ‘sen-bon-naka-dachi-uri’ (千本中立売). Stepping off the bus, head to the left (southbound) and cross the intersection in front of you.

After crossing the intersection, turn right (westbound). Please proceed straight through the “Kitano shopping arcade” on the left side of the street. The distance to the property is about 320 meters/1000 feet. Cross at the next intersection/stoplight, and we are located about five buildings down on the left hand side.

*For JR rail pass holders, there is one JR bus from Kyoto station you may take to Kitano Hakubaicho 北野白梅町 and our place is a 9-minute walk from there. Please note the bus only runs 2 or 3 times per hour.


If you decide to take a taxi from Kyoto station, it costs approximately 2500-3000 yen (varies depending on traffic conditions). From Nijo station, it costs about 1000 yen.

The easiest way to explain to the taxi driver is to have you taken to the ‘shi-chee-hon-matsu-naka-dachi-uri’ (七本松中立売) intersection. The guesthouse is located about five buildings west of the southwest corner of that intersection. The entrance faces a small little park/square across the street (has a phone booth).

Kyoto Kamigyo / Nishijin area introduction

Check out this video by youtuber Tokyo Foodie Sarah providing some insight about our apartments and the surrounding area:

Highly Recommended Restaurants/Shops around the apartment

ふた葉 Kamishichiken Futaba [7-minute walk from Ben’s, located in the Kamishichiken Hanamachi district]
Traditional soba/noodle restaurant

樽酒と蕎麦 VIBES [1-minute walk from Ben’s, only open Tue-Thu]
Standing sake bar

きらく Kiraku [6-minute walk from Ben’s]
Local Izakaya with only 10 counter seats. Retro atmosphere, owner is extremely friendly. Located behind the Lawson’s

Maggie’s Curry & Bar [8-minute walk from Ben’s]
Open late for late night snacks and drinks. Curry & rice plate and drink set for under 1,000 yen!

いただき繕・京都 ITADAKIZEN KYOTO [4-minute walk from Ben’s]
Vegan restaurant

三宝の餃子 Sanpō [8-minute walk from Ben’s]
Ramen & Gyoza (dumpling) restaurant

焼鳥伸 Yakitori Shin [8-minute walk from Ben’s]
Yakitori restaurant specializing in numerous chicken dishes

BOND [7-minute walk from Ben’s]
Standing bar – good and cheap eats

Kura Sushi [13-minute walk from Ben’s]
Conveyor belt sushi, if you are craving sushi

Breakfast / Cafes

食堂とカフェ Pinnata (ピナータ) [2-minute walk from Ben’s]
Delicious and reasonable breakfast and cafe with a local atmosphere

Latte Art Junkies [7-minute walk from Ben’s]
Modern coffee shop

粟餅所・澤屋 Awamochisho-Sawaya [6-minute walk from Ben’s]
330-year old shop selling mochi (Japanese confectionary)

cafe marble 智恵光院店 [12-minute walk from Ben’s]
Local cafe

Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, & Bakeries

メッサ北野 Messe Kitano [1-minute walk from Ben’s]
Supermarket open until 8PM

KOHYO Kamishichiken
Supermarket open until 10PM

Izumiya [6-minute walk from Ben’s]
Supermarket open until midnight

Lawson [2-minute walk from Ben’s]
Convenience Store open 24-hours

7-Eleven Kyoto-Kamishichiken [6-minute walk from Ben’s]
Convenience Store open 24-hours with International ATM

Izumiya Hakubaicho [11-minute walk from Ben’s]
Largest supermarket in the area with lots of selection, if you fancy a variety that the two local places don’t offer. Only open until 8PM.

Parking around Ben’s Guesthouse Kyoto

Here are the closest paid parking lots to our guesthouse.

800 yen per day. About a 1 minute walk from the guesthouse. This one is located on a narrow one-way street and may be difficult to access depending on which direction you are coming from.

1100-1500 yen per day. Located on the shopping arcade street. About a 3 minute walk from the guesthouse.

105 Ichibanchō Parking
1000-1300 yen per day (except for the 25th of every month and during the new years holidays). This is across the street from the closest convenience store to the guesthouse. About a 2 minute walk from the guesthouse.

700 yen per day. The cheapest in the neighborhood but is a 4-minute walk from the guesthouse.

*Please note prices may change without notice. Always confirm on the price sign prior to parking in the lot.

Kansai airport to Kyoto station

We do not have a pick-up service, but there is a shuttle service from Kansai airport to mostly anywhere in Kyoto offered by MK Taxi called ‘Sky Gate Shuttle.’ Please see this link for more information.

Here are other transportation options from Kansai Airport to Kyoto station. Either of the train options are recommended but the bus also runs often and offers early and late departures.

JR Haruka Limited Express Train

2,850 yen for non-reserved seating
3,370 yen for reserved seating
(approx 80 mins.)

Departs approx every 30 minutes from Kansai Airport (operates daily from approx 7am to 10pm).

JR Regular Train Service

1,880 yen (approx 100 mins.)

Take the JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service train to Osaka station (approx 70 mins,). From Osaka station, take the JR Tokaido or JR Kyoto line to Kyoto (approx 30 mins.). Departs approx every 15 minutes from Kansai airport (operates daily from approx 6am to 11:30pm).

Airport Bus Service to Kyoto Station

2,250 yen (approx 88 mins. from Terminal 1, 103 mins. from Terminal 2)

Buses depart roughly every 20 minutes. Departures for Kyoto are from bus stop #8 at Terminal 1, or bus stop #2 from Terminal 2.

Flat-fare Taxi Service

15,000-17,000 yen per vehicle (approx 85 mins.)


Please see this page for a recap of the information above.