Parking around Ben’s Guesthouse Kyoto

Here are the closest paid parking lots to our guesthouse.

800 yen per day. About a 1 minute walk from the guesthouse. This one is located on a narrow one-way street and may be difficult to access depending on which direction you are coming from.

1100-1500 yen per day. Located on the shopping arcade street. About a 3 minute walk from the guesthouse.

105 Ichibanchō Parking
1000-1300 yen per day (except for the 25th of every month and during the new years holidays). This is across the street from the closest convenience store to the guesthouse. About a 2 minute walk from the guesthouse.

700 yen per day. The cheapest in the neighborhood but is a 4-minute walk from the guesthouse.

*Please note prices may change without notice. Always confirm on the price sign prior to parking in the lot.

Kansai airport to Kyoto station

We do not have a pick-up service, but there is a shuttle service from Kansai airport to mostly anywhere in Kyoto offered by MK Taxi called ‘Sky Gate Shuttle.’ Please see this link for more information.

Here are other transportation options from Kansai Airport to Kyoto station. Either of the train options are recommended but the bus also runs often and offers early and late departures.

JR Haruka Limited Express Train

2,850 yen for non-reserved seating
3,370 yen for reserved seating
(approx 80 mins.)

Departs approx every 30 minutes from Kansai Airport (operates daily from approx 7am to 10pm).

JR Regular Train Service

1,880 yen (approx 100 mins.)

Take the JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service train to Osaka station (approx 70 mins,). From Osaka station, take the JR Tokaido or JR Kyoto line to Kyoto (approx 30 mins.). Departs approx every 15 minutes from Kansai airport (operates daily from approx 6am to 11:30pm).

Airport Bus Service to Kyoto Station

2,250 yen (approx 88 mins. from Terminal 1, 103 mins. from Terminal 2)

Buses depart roughly every 20 minutes. Departures for Kyoto are from bus stop #8 at Terminal 1, or bus stop #2 from Terminal 2.

Flat-fare Taxi Service

15,000-17,000 yen per vehicle (approx 85 mins.)


Please see this page for a recap of the information above.